How to clean off sand from the beach

How to Clean Off Sand from the Beach
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•Feet: If your skin is relatively dry,but the sand is still
sticking, rub your feet with a little baby powder or corn
starch and the sand will fall right off.
•Clothes:Dunk clothes in a bucket of clean warm water
and gently swirl them around. Much of the sand will come
out in the water and sink to the bottom. Hang clothes to
dry and then shake out any leftover sand outside. Wash
normally after that.
•Car:BEFORE you head to the beach, cover your backseat
and trunk with an old bed sheet. When you get back home,
carefully pick up the sheet and shake it outside.
•Hair: Comb your hair out with a fine-toothed comb or lice
comb to remove sand grains. For really sandy locks, rub a
little baby powder into dry hair and massage it into your scalp.
Wash with shampoo and rinse

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